Unlearning Motherhood is a trans-media project that encompasses an animated documentary that tells the stories of 6 cis and trans women and their not so conventional relationships with motherhood, and a set of podcasts with full their full length interviews.​​​​​​​

Throughout this project I’ve had the chance to research on the topic of motherhood. This process also helped me to connect with  amazing people with whom I had beautiful enlightening conversations, that I believe deserve to be told. I connected with these women so much that it almost felt unfair to edit their stories in less than one minute. ​​​​​​​
Argelia is a mexican woman who, at the time of the interview, lived in Amsterdam with her ex-husband and her two kids. She speaks of how she dealt with post-partum depression and the difficult thoughts she went through.
Luba, also a mexican expat living in Amsterdam, shares her experience dealing with labour PTSD and how societal expectations of being the "perfect mother" placed such a huge pressure and somehow strained her connection with her child in the beginning stages.
Marcia, a Colombian adoptee to a dutch family, shares her several challenges from being rejected by her adoptive mom, to finding out she was forcefully taken from her biological mom, to dealing with deep depression and finally how she learned to be a mother without examples.
Sarah, a dutch woman who at 42 decides to be childfree, shares her reasons and views on motherhood and why she opted out, honoring herself and her independence before the expectations that society places on women regarding childbirth.
Guendalina, an italian expat in Amsterdam, shares her experience with abortion. She explains her context, her process and the aftermath of her decision and how it brought her a beautiful realization about what motherhood means to her as a concept.
Vicky, a Colombian trans woman seeking asylum in Germany, explains the views on trans mothers as figures who give love and help other trans women in their transition. But she also tells her own story redefining motherhood to make it a more inclusive concept.
And to close off this journey, I invite you to reflect on what your realizations have been after listening to this podcast.  Motherhood is complex, multifaceted, and deeply personal. Thinking about It is a journey of self-discovery and it requires a lot of unlearning.​​​​​​​
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